Concert for Open Ears and NUMUS

10:20 pm – 11:40 pm gmtThursday 4 Jun 2020The Internet

A concert featuring multiple great performances in support of two great music organizations. Don’t miss out! Here’s the lineup so far:

  • Benton Roark (pedal steel, electric guitar, keyboard, voice) & Kathleen Allan (voice)
  • Erso (piano, violin)
  • Eve Egoyan (piano)
  • The Hands Free (guitar, accordion, violin, bass)
  • JoJo Worthington (electronics, voice)
  • Kathryn Ladano (bass clarinet)
  • Rich Burrows (vibraphone)

And all of this is in support of :

  • Open Ears Festival of Music and Sound
  • NUMUS Concerts

These are wonderful organizations that have been sharing innovative and inspiring sounds and music in Waterloo Region for decades.

Note that this concert will also be available separately from the Fluxible TV broadcast.

(Also note: we're all living hectic and uncertain lives these days. Plans can change. And so can the lineup for the concert.)

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