Presentation with Indi Young

Paying Better Attention to the Problem

4:00 pm – 4:40 pm gmtThursday 4 Jun 2020The Internet

We’re in a “solving” culture. We’re transfixed on solutions and glorify the solution. That means we’re not paying much attention to understanding the underlying problem — so we design accidentally for our own perspective. But by focusing on purpose, we’ll let other perspectives in and become better equipped designers.

About Indi Young
A head and shoulders photo of Indi Young

Indi Young is a speaker, writer, and UX researcher. She empowers makers to know their problem space, and create inspired product designs through empathy and deep understanding of peoples purposes and variety of approaches. She is the author of two books, Mental Models and Practical Empathy, and has spoken at over forty conferences across the globe. Her online courses, training, and personal coaching bring empathy to the designer's table, building knowledge of users' needs that goes beyond the data.

Indi first appeared on Fluxible TV during the 2014 broadcast presented at Fluxible in 2014.

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